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Our mission is to empower our clients to make excellent real estate decisions.
We understand the home buying or home selling process can be financially and emotionally trying, particularly in today's market. Transactions have become increasingly complex as loan originators, appraisers, underwriters, and home inspectors adapt to ever changing laws, rules, criteria, policies, and market conditions. Our job is simple: it's to provide our clients with all the information they need to make wise and informed real estate decisions. With over 50 years of combined commercial and residential real estate experience, we provide our customers and clients with experience they can depend on and advice they can trust. Our commitment to service and excellence has earned us a place among Indy's most respected and top rated brokers. We've helped someone you know buy or sell a home, so we thought we'd share a few of their comments and testimonials here.

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I’ve bought two houses and sold one through Flock Realty, and there is nobody that knows the downtown Indianapolis market better than they do. Not only do they work downtown, they live downtown.  They are professional through every step of the process and go the extra mile for you.  I always felt they were looking out for my best interest. If you are thinking of buying or selling property downtown, you need to give them a call. In this tough market you need every advantage you can get.!  - Ken B.

I wanted to sell a reasonably new, three-story condo in the Herron Morton Place Neighborhood in order to build a new home elsewhere. I immediately turned to Flock Realty. Kate and Kurt knew the downtown market, how to price the condo fairly, and also guided me through the building process of the new home.  But, most important to me, they took the time with me to help me understand the selling process, how to stage the condo for the best appearance, and how to best market my condo. The Flock Realty website is, hands down, second to none. Their marketing materials were professionally done, full of great photos, and contained the right mix of information for prospective buyers. It was a great sale and a pleasure working with Kate. The Flocks are the best!  - John A.

Kurt's attention to detail and vast experience helped me secure a home at a price that was very comfortable in this challenging market.  As is often the case, we ran into a few obstacles throughout the purchase process.  However, Kurt treated matters as if he was purchasing his own home, providing me with a sense of security in the outcome.  I'd highly recommend Kurt to anyone looking in the downtown market.  He knows the market in and out, even a historian at times, and will certainly represent his client's best interests. - Adam W.

I think your images directly relate to the number of showings you get. I am confident that we got 2x as many showing based purely on the picture quality. - Aaron K.

Our Fall Creek home was only on the market for a few months in the worst of the housing slump. I truly believe the marketing of our house is what sold it! Kurt takes outstanding photos and shares staging expertise to maximize your space. Their website beautifully showcases homes in much more detail than you can see on MLS listings. 
Kate helped us wade through the cookie cutter houses flooding the burbs to find a unique house in a family friendly area. She has great taste and helps to point out the value added in home features. Kate is a personality that even the seller's agent can't help but love. And yet she leaves no question unanswered and accepts nothing unless in writing. We felt like she made our transaction personal, accepting nothing less than what we expected in quality for the dollar.

They are a great team! - Dana & Laura S.

These folks are top-notch.  We called to see four houses in the Woodruff Place area including only one listed by them. We bought their listing. The pictures don't lie and are superb. They helped us get a house inspector specializing in older homes as well as helped us find a reputable loan broker. When there were delays or questions, they were Johnny-on-the-spot with the correct answer! They are email, fax and iPhone friendly!  We'd recommend them to anyone. - Bill & Kim S.

Kurt and Kate Flock understand the downtown real estate scene like no others. They’ve lived in and contributed to the growth of downtown Indy from the get-go. That’s why I’ve entrusted the sale and purchase of a number of homes with Kurt and Kate over the years. Their expertise and down-to-earth personalities have always made the process comfortable and easy. I recommend them hands down—especially in today’s market. - Mary W.

When we came to Indianapolis we wanted to live downtown.  Our friends told us talk to the Flocks, and they were right. Trying to find a home when you live out of state is full of challenges. Kurt & Kate went above and beyond to enable us to best leverage our time while in town, get to know the neighborhoods, and find those “hidden gems” in Indianapolis. We love our house – Thank you! - Eric & Meg G.

We've known Kate and Kurt for over 15 years, and have chosen them to represent our interests in 4 real estate transactions over those years. Their insight and knowledge of the downtown real estate market is top-notch. The ability of Flock Realty to stage a property for a quick sale, and their promotion of the business through print media and their website is second to none. Problem solving is a given skill their team possesses. We also appreciate Kate and Kurt's involvement in the Indianapolis community, much beyond what a business typically does. Their success is due to hard work on many levels, and we appreciate all they do.! - Linda P. & Suzannah W.

You are hands down KING of real estate photos!  - Heather K.

Wow, great photos... Thank you both very much for working so hard on staging my house! I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me so far. I really didn't stand a chance without you. - Wendy M.

I cannot thank you enough (and the team) for all you have done to sell our home & 4-plex. You went above & beyond what a Realtor could do to help us and encourage us in a difficult time! You are dearly loved! - Robert G.

Thank you for your assistance in selling the house at E. Banta. I know it was a job that entailed much fine tuning and diplomacy. I really appreciate all that you did. - Karen S.

Thank you so much for all the help & support. What would we have done without you? - Bruce & Michelle K.

My condo is really starting to feel like home and I absolutely love it! Thank you for all your help and support. - Elizabeth B.

You have been so great through the whole process of selling our house. We really appreciate everything you have done for us!. - Amy, Kyle, and Lucy A.

Saw the new pictures... as Jenni said, it looks so good we might buy it ourselves. You sure have had a lot of showings so early... I was impressed by what seemed to be your integrity, knowledge, skills, etc. when you acted as buyer's agent for me... Thanks for the good work. - Kevin & Jenni J.

Thank you so much for everything!! I put off buying a place for so long because it seemed so daunting, but you made it as painless as possible!. - Kara W.

Just a note of thanks for all your hard work. We literally couldn't have sold the building without you! Thanks for your professional help as well as your personal concern for us. You've been great. - April R.

Thanks for making the purchasing of our downtown condo go so smoothly. We couldn't have done it without you (and your connections), and we were so impressed with your "response time" every time we needed you. You're the best! - Ron & Gail W.

I love my new nest! - Bev H.

I was extremely impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of your staff. Each member of your group introduced himself or herself to me and was very eager to answer any questions. - Keith N.

I feel as though I couldn't write you a 1,000 thank you notes! - for now I will start with just one! I would like to thank you for the time, patience, and encouragement you have provided me throughout the process of buying my first home... I felt really safe and taken care of the whole time. I know that buying a house can seem scary - but I did not have that as I always knew you had my best interests in mind... I will be forever grateful for this experience. - Jessie B.